Maximize Your Ford SUV’s Space

Maximize Your Ford SUV's Space | Bowden Ford | Alice, TX

Ford SUVs are family-friendly vehicles that offer a lot of versatile interior space. However, there may be times when it seems like you have run out of space. When that happens, here are a few ways to maximize your Ford SUV’s space.

Clean it out

If your SUV is the family vehicle, it probably has more than its fair share of clutter. Enlist help from other family members and spend some time cleaning out the SUV. Throw away any trash and take out any clutter that does not belong.

Use storage compartments

Use any available storage spaces in your Ford SUV. If those are full or inaccessible to some passengers, consider adding some extra storage to help organize the space. This could be bags or containers that hang off the front headrests or containers that slide under the seats.

Pack strategically

When you are traveling with the whole family, use smart packing techniques. This could mean using soft bags instead of hard suitcases and limiting individuals to a certain amount of space.

Add exterior storage

Even with the spacious cargo area in your Ford SUV, there are times when you need to carry more than it can hold. When this happens, consider using exterior storage options like a roof box, back bumper storage, or even a trailer.

You can find the perfect SUV for your lifestyle at Bowden Ford in Alice, Texas.

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